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What is the Meaning of “I AM”?

In many languages, like English, the phrase “I AM” indicates the speaker’s existence. Read this way, “I am” is a declaration, “I exist.”

Meaning of Empowerd

To empower someone means to give them the means to achieve something, for example, to become stronger or more successful.

So Who Is our Audience


Any Gender, Race, Age, or Geographic. ANYONE!

 Yes, that can make it a challenge to narrow down a vertical to chase, but we can by focusing on Customers that ARE or are STRIVING  to Empower Themselves through self-expression.

People with a Passion!

Almost Every Major Religion References "I AM"

Joel Osteen Followers:

YouTube – 2.97 million

Instagram – 5 million

Twitter – 10.5 million


There has never been a shortage of individuals that billboard  their geopolitics on their chest. The geographic space is constantly blending and changing as people across the globe strive to retain their identify, both regionally and nationally.

Geographical entities are the places, regions, territories, scales, and networks that make up the world.

For some the job they perform is their identity. Corporations continue to seek ways for their employees to invest themselves in the company brand. One of the ways this is accomplished is by encouraging  to identify with this brand.

I AM the Brand!

From the newest music video to the latest Buzzfeed’s Tasty recipe, Americans express themselves through pop culture. What music someone listens to, who they follow on Instagram, what tweet they retweet on Twitter: all reflects who someone is. Americans reflect themselves through pop culture contrary to belief that pop culture creates Americans.

Pop culture has wormed it’s way into almost every aspect of modern conversations.

Movies,Music, Television, Video games, Sports, Entertainment news, Fashion, and Various forms of technology.

Your effort to grow iAmEmpowered.Today will mean nothing if we can not fullfill the demand, but this is not the case!

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Yes, this site is selling apparel (for now) but what we are about is Self Empowerment!

Be the Best You! Be Positive, Think Positive, Love Yourself, Live Grateful!

Thank you for your time. Be Safe!